Saturday, April 20, 2019

March Update

The weather became more favorable for garden work during March. Our newest plantings to date include a variety of native plants donated by the Huntsville Botanical Garden.  These were placed throughout the Native garden.  Twenty “Encore” azaleas which typically produce blooms three times each year were planted in the “Pink” garden.  Several conifers and other evergreens were added to the Japanese and Children’s garden.  Some nice sculptures and concrete planters were purchased which will be installed in various locations as the garden continues developing.

Due to the extremely wet weather this past winter, we rescheduled some critical infrastructure projects for this spring.  Excavation will begin in May and continue through June for a water garden and parking lot followed by electrical and plumbing installations.

We always enjoy visiting with clubs and organizations to discuss the Garden and provide ways for those interested to help on volunteer days. The picture below was a recent visit to the Cub Scouts in the Henryville area.  Anyone who is interested in volunteering will find work days posted on this website.

A special thank you to those who divided and shared plants with us to establish in our Garden.  Please call us to determine if plants you wish to donate are needed at the Garden.

Hope Botanical Garden is a non profit, 501(c)(3) organization