Friday, January 26, 2018

January Update

The extreme cold for the past few weeks has prevented outdoor work in the garden but time was well spent determining permanent plantings for some of the formal gardens.  Many have asked what our plans are for installing plants this year.  Permanent plantings (i.e., trees, shrubs, vines ) will be our main focus.  These will be in the garden long term and serve as a foundation for seasonal plants.

Three items have been placed in our Tribute Store for anyone wishing to donate one or more for the garden.  Donor’s who elect to purchase a tree for $100 will have a marker placed beneath the tree with their name or their designee.  Shrubs and vines may also be purchased for the garden from the store. We will be adding more items to the tribute store as we identify their need in the garden.

Approximately 1000 shrubs for creating the maze will be arriving very soon.  Due to the large quantity and to control cost we are planting seedlings but their growth is moderately fast.  Also, we will be planting trees in the west portion of the garden which is dedicated for native plants in our area.  We welcome volunteers to come and be a part of this project in the Spring.

We have marked the preliminary location of the west path as shown in the photo below.  The path is 1700 feet in length (0.3 miles).   

West path as seen from 400’
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